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Maintaining Mental Health and Wellbeing with COVID 19

Keeping Healthy with The Corona Virus

 1.  Stick to a routine, wake early, exercise and eat regularly

2.  No change to food guys! Eat a well balanced, diverse range of foods rich in whole grains, fruit and veggies, nuts and seeds, oily fish, plant based proteins such as beans and lentils, olive oil and rapeseed oil, natural probiotics in yoghurt and kefir.

3. Start doing Yoga to move the energy in your body. There are many classes on you tube. Find a teacher that resonates with you. Look for beginners Yoga.

4.  Find time for a meditation practice. Using apps such as Headspace can support this. There is also many practices on you tube. Meditation and breath practices support a strong balanced nervous system.

5. Get your heart beating! Aerobic activity stimulates those lovely endorphins which make us feel better. Go for a fast walk, a run, get on the bike or if your living by the sea perhaps take a quick dip in the ocean.

6. Get out in nature. We need to self isolate but can still go outside. Getting some fresh air and getting out of the house can support our mental well being.

7. Be compassionate, offer help where you can. We are all in this together.

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