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5 Tips For A Healthy and Happy 2020

Five tips for a Happy and Healthy Year

Make it last

As 2020 approaches, we may start to feel the usual annual pressure to transform, to become slimmer, fitter, younger, to become that person we have always wanted to be. I am certainly not criticising the desire to want to make positive changes to our lives, to improve our physical and mental health in the ultimate aim of happiness, but I believe that this desire for growth should arise in every day of our lives, not just on the New Year.

For sure, the beginning of the year represents a new start, a new beginning and perhaps an optimum time to make positive lasting changes to your life, but I suppose that it is the operative word, lasting. I invite you to reflect on the changes that you want to make, if any. To remain true to yourself that any changes will be lasting and sustainable for the entire year or perhaps for the rest of your life. Ask yourself, what will bring me true balance and happiness in my life and how can I achieve this?

Here I outline some of my 5 top tips for achieving a Healthy, Happy body, mind and soul for the WHOLE of 2020:

  1. Avoid Fad diets. Anything which promotes a drastic, fast, reduction in your body weight is unlikely to be healthy or sustainable. If you feel that you would like to improve you physical health and modifying your diet is the way to go, I suggest seeking advice from a credible qualified professional in the field. This person can support you with your health goals. The aim is for them to be sustainable, achievable and lasting. We should also be conscious of where our food comes from and the impact that it has on the environment. Think local, seasonal and colourful.

  2. Adopt a healthy exercise plan invoking the intention of sustainability. Exercising should be enjoyable, not a boring, struggle which you have to force yourself to do. Find the exercise plan which suits your needs. It may be going to the gym, it may be running with the dog, it may be signing you to your local salsa class. Find what is right for you and your life. Think about the added benefits of exercise and not just from a weight management perspective. Aerobic activity is one which increases your heart rate, improves your entire physical body from your bones, to your heart to your lungs to your brain. So many benefits, that are not specifically related to keeping your waist line trim.

  3. Work out your body, mind and soul with Yoga and Meditation. Begin a class or attend a one to one session to learn more deeply about these ancient practices. Doing a daily practice of Yoga and meditation can truly transform your life. A short practice when you wake up in the morning can really set you on the right track for the day. I invite you to explore this for one month and see the difference it makes to your life.

  4. Smile every morning in the mirror, honour your life and be grateful accepting all the pains and the pleasures this life brings. Make a list of 10 things your are grateful for every day. This is such a beautiful practice and one which really allows you to appreciate the fruits of your life. It can be simple things like being grateful for your warm, cosy, bed, your mug of hot coffee, the morning smile from your neighbour or cherishing people, places and animals in your life. 

  5. Be kind, practice compassion and kindness in every moment of your life. Be kind to others, smile at them without judgement, know that everyone in life wants to be happy, just like you do. See beyond their ego and know we are all connected by love. Be gentle and respectful towards nature. See the true magic and beauty in nature.

    Metta meditation or a loving kindness practices are very beautiful to support you in this.

And there you go, Happy New Year folks! Lets make it a magical one.

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